Happy Women’s Equality Day!

Today’s the day to celebrate some seriously badass ladies. 95 years ago today women were granted the right to vote in the U.S. when the 19th Amendment was certified into law. Check out these amazing feminists from the Flickr Commons Archive:

What does this have to do with romance novels? Quite a bit, in my opinion. I read romance novels for love and sex and angst and escape, but I also read them because they feature some of my favorite heroines in literature. Women in romance novels are strong, interesting, complex, and multi-dimensional, and the women who write these fascinating heroines are some of the smartest ladies I’ve ever encountered.

So celebrate Women’s Equality Day today by picking up your favorite feminist romance novel and giving it another read. I’m leaning towards The Suffragette Scandal by Courtney Milan for obvious reasons. What will you be reading today? Who are your favorite feminist heroines in romance?


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