Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me

Like so many Top Ten Tuesdays before it, this week’s prompt is just an excuse for book nerds like me to enter full fangirl mode. Should one day we discover that a Book Genie, a magical creature who can grant all book-related wishes, actually exists, these would be my top ten wishes, in no particular order.

(And no, I would not wish for more wishes because we all know that never works out well in the end.)

    1. For the spirit of Diana Gabaldon to continue to write the Outlander family saga long after she has passed from this world (because thinking about the last book with Claire, Jamie, Brianna and Roger makes me want to bawl).
    2. For Diana Gabaldon to write MOAR LORD JOHN GREY BOOKS FORTHELOVEOFGODPLEASE. Ahem, pretty please.
    3. To one day have my very own tiny house in the woods where I can escape with a pile of books whenever the need arises (often).

      Tiny House

      The Shed by Benjamin Chun on Flickr

    4. For Tessa Dare to write a Spindle Cove reunion book where Colin and Minerva have at least 3 daughters who proceed to make science-related mischief at the Duke of Halford’s home.
    5. To one day read Ulysses.
    6. For Junot Diaz to release a new novel already (hell, I’d settle for another short story collection).
    7. To read at least one biography of all the United States Founding Fathers and Mothers before I die.
    8. To one day not feel like I have to hide the cover of the romance novel I’m reading while in a public space.
    9. For my son to grow up to love reading as much as I do.
    10. To not have missed out on reading something amazing simply because it was different.

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me

  1. Cris says:

    #3 & 8 are big ones for me too. Though I think I’ve come a long way with riding the subway and not caring about showing my romance covers. It varies depending on the time of night and how naked the people on the cover are lol.

    Great post!


    • varellano says:

      Yeah, inches of exposed skin is definitely a consideration for me! I just hate feeling even a little shamed to be reading. I think the discomfort is a result of having spent so many years scoffing at romance novels (of course, having never read one) that I wonder if others will judge me too. I’m working on it 😉


  2. sandraschwab says:

    I love tiny houses, especially those that have a tiny-tiny porch (and especially Tumbleweed’s Elm, Cypress, and Linden), but the problem with tiny houses is: Where the heck do you keep all your books?!?! But as an occasional retreat? AWESOME!


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